Things IE7 didn't fixed

2006-10-28 @ 11:05,Source:

In a recent SXSW conference Microsoft's Internet Explorer team's lead programmer manager gave a small list of things that won't be fixed in the upcoming update to the popular browser:


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  • What must be top priority for IE8?
  • 8.0 will be last version of IE?




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  • Security
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restore IE7?
By william m. keeffe on 2009-06-26 00:20:29, 0 Points
how do i restore IE7 and remove IE8 ?
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ie7 is better
By Saudi _Arabia on 2009-04-14 05:14:27, -1 Points
ie7 is better, for the most part, Ctrl+f and 'find' function does not work under ie8.  i will not install ie8 until this is fixed.
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I like the new browser
By Willard Jones on 2008-11-18 02:30:15, 1 Point
I like the new browser and the fact that it ask if you to close al windows on the one in viewbut now that quit working and answers
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after swithching off most of IE8's new addons to run it bog standard
By IE8 is Confused by itself on 2008-10-22 10:32:46, 1 Point
IE8 doesnt upgrade its search live memory.

Takes forever to load a 401

Opens new windows with the same old etc redirects BUTT when you close it and open it up again it now remembers what you told it.

Nice Fast although MS site could be faster if it didnt have so much webtrends checking included in as a superfluous standard.
Surely MS have got a better Partner than them.They slow down the proceedings to a crawl.What is it they need to learn?That too many cooks spoil the broth of Global Warming. Somebody aught to advise them of the need for a small footprint.

IE8 Easy to use.The Best so far.

Refresh speed still a little slow

View of Content reminiscent of Google Chrome.With more bells and whistles.

Reads it's pngs as good as Opera 9.Better than Firefox 3

But doesnt have a GO button

ie8betalogo.gif is only 6bits a pixel and looks like it.scrappy.

Must be a small footprint.

Has got sone very Powerful New Developer Features

Which I must try out after I actually get some work done

Bon Voyage
Bon Chance
et Bon Footprint

We need to be Code Careful.
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Absolute NIghtmare
By on 2008-10-17 09:04:36, 0 Points
This IE 8 BETA is an absolute nightmare for developers. I will urge MS not to release this version until they fix the issues. All our development has been done in  ASP.NET 3.5, Ajax Toolkit, and also Ajax Pro. I am using Windows 2003 Server on my laptop and has just installed IE 8 beta. Most of the pages are not rendering properly especially TreeView Controls, IFRAMEs etc (we are using Telerik Controls for those two). Ajax Pro is not working at all. I can't even submit a comment on this site and I had to open FireFox to submit this comment. PLEASE DONT RELEASE THIS VERSION unless your QA Team has checked everything otherwise we have to tell all our huge user base not to use IE at all. Everything is working in IE 6.0, 7.0 and FireFox 2.0 and up. This is absolutely crazy.
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By TonyCC on 2008-08-30 03:56:48, -1 Points
MCAfee Will Not work with it installed
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Ie explorer8 beta 1 is better
By Manav on 2008-04-30 05:49:19, 1 Point
I think IE explorer 8 is better than Mozilla Firefox .It is much better than IE explorer 7.Mozilla Firefox 3 is also good .You can download Mozilla Firefox 8 beta 5 from the Mozilla site and IE explorer 8 beta 1 from the Microsoft site.
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IE 8 Beta sucks. Nothing worse is possible
By simplyosh on 2008-04-27 20:49:14, -1 Points
I can't explain How much hatred they have created in my mind for themselves. I have spend hell lot if my life working on Microsoft technologies. And I can assure u that a single determined and rich guy can make them beggars in a very little time. People who are working in Microsoft should better commit suicide. I mean what the hell is this. Are they not having any QA team? Didn;t they test their IE8 before releasing beta, Mozilla is far better, they said that these are my features and we can take to your old configuration whenever u got any problem. And that is really doable. Browsers are made to access the web site. I can write an application in half an hour that will let u do the basic things. And the magnanimous launch of IE 8 of MS don't even let me browse a simple site sometime, it hangs for .  Come on guys u r stupids or what.. if you don't know how to write software come to me I can teach u some tricks. U guys made me so disappointed. I used to believe that people who work in Microsoft are intelligent but sorry guys I am sure u are nothing more then just some stupids who have  better capture of the market. U suggest me how can I browse a site that ur IE 8 is not opening. I mean u should at least given us an option to revert back easily. I had gr8 respect but release of ur IE 8 beta made u crazy. U should better hire some better managers and developer and managers who are part of of beta release should be hang to the death. It's not a joke, u guys have some responsibilities, people made ur life better for this reason only. we pay for u .. we work for u.. not coz u r duffers. Or some stupid politician who got product manager's job by playing tricks. I am also a developer in a product company and I know how much they screw us even before releasing that to QA, beta is far far away. The only stupid thing is that we develop software for your OS as well. I feel pity on myself.
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Internet Explorer 8 Features
By duttavr on 2008-03-17 17:59:01, 4 Points - Top 10 Internet Explorer 8 features
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IE 8 Beta - One of the most worrying beta i've tested in a long time!!!
By drummerboy46 on 2008-03-16 21:17:20, 1 Point
I've recently installed IE8 beta 1 on my dev PC which is running Vista SP1 which i'm glad to say along with VS 2008 is now starting to feel like a stable and useable platform. In fact I've been running Vista alongside OSX Leopard for some weeks and there are many aspects of Vista I prefer to OSX (but that's another story hehehe).

I've spent some time testing IE 8 in the default standards mode with a lot of big name sites and thankfully the IE7 switch works well on the client side as much as a developers override. If the new standards mode is anything to go by it will be used A LOT!

What worries me is the "so called" CSS2.1 and DOM/JS compliant code claims by Microsoft, along with a pass on the ACID2 test seem to me to be a world apart from my real world tests i've done since I installed this browser. A good example is google maps - dies BIGTIME! and with the web it's hard to say who's at fault here because internet standards are based on interpretation of the "rules".

Because browsers like, WebKit and Mozilla and to some extent IE7 are tried, tested and well supported, I find it staggering to believe that the new IE8 standards mode could be so wide of the mark in comparison to these browsers. It seems to me as if Microsoft have binned the IE7 codebase and started again?!?

I'm very concerened that the differences in the rendering of content compared to any other browser in the marketplace will lead to yet another panic situation on the part of the web designer/developer where specific "fixes" for IE have to be taken into consideration even though they "claim" they are compliant!

I've been testing under the latest betas of Firefox and WebKit for some time and the code I write requires little or no tweaks between these two vendors and even IE7 often requires only the simplest of changes to get similar results. So what's going on here?

I'm hoping for all our sakes it's just down to the fact the codebase still has a long way to go!
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major improvement
By slither on 2008-03-14 07:37:56, 2 Points
Although I am not much of an Internet Explorer user, I must say that from what I've seen IE8 is a great improvement. I will probably still be using firefox, but ie8 sounds promising.
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By slnk02003 on 2008-03-11 16:52:21, 1 Point
IE8 - Slooooooowwwwwwwwww
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Google Maps not working in IE 8 Beta
By naveen on 2008-03-09 02:10:31, 1 Point
I installed IE 8 beta last week. I very much liked the new activites feature. When tried to access the browser displays a distorted image and content. Who needs to fix this Google or Microsoft ?
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IE8 Standards Compliant?
By CSSteve on 2008-03-07 14:14:44, 2 Points
Standards Compliant by default 2 thumbs way up!
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IE8! it's time to be banished!
By iHateIE on 2008-03-06 04:59:44, 0 Points
IE nevermore!!!

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Not so good
By naderh on 2008-03-04 13:24:15, 1 Point
I've used IE8 Beta. It's much faster and the interface is a lot better.
I think I'll stick to Firefox though...
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By getfirefox on 2008-03-02 16:22:15, 1 Point
I am currently using firefox, I switched after I got IE 7 because it was so slow and buggy. IE8 will have to improve a lot to convince me to switch back.
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Microsoft blah blah ....
By jmike on 2008-03-01 10:28:24, 1 Point
It Sucks!!
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Version of MSXML
By John Perkins on 2008-02-28 01:45:33, 1 Point
What Version of MSXML is in IE8 by default?
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Any screenshots?
By newcomer on 2008-02-25 18:07:27, 1 Point

Have anyone spotted screenshots of the IE8 Beta? The only ones I've seen are fakes.
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Filipino Surfers Inc. (Expects that IE 8 will be an example)
By mokies on 2007-05-18 04:28:23, 4 Points
I'm a Firefox fan but still wants to experience other softwares (an internet browser), I think that IE7 was a bit slow and difficult to use for beginners here. I think the best way is to make an automatic security or other frequent notice automatically answered by the installation basis, ask there what should be the answer when incidents pops out. And the speed so well for minimum users. Its not everytime users are in a high definition status.

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Don't download from P2P
By xtrauser on 2007-02-23 10:27:19, 2 Points
I'm sure all the IE8 files in BT/Emule are fake and, most likely, carry a virus.

We won't be seeing an "official" alpha version for quite some time.
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I like IE7
By newbie on 2006-12-22 11:09:42, 1 Point
I had some problems with security in IE6 but IE7 seems foolproof (until now...)

Nowadays I switch back between Opera and IE7 because some sites don't render correctly in Opera.

For IE8 my biggest wish is that catch on the feature list of other browsers, specially in terms of privacy and bookmarking.
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By Juich on 2006-11-23 21:54:14, 2 Points
IE7 is a major improvement over IE6 in terms of Web standards compatibility but MS should have gone further. Let's hope IE8 will reach the standards-compliance level of good old Firefox 1.0.
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Uhh I don't think so...
By Donutey on 2006-11-17 01:47:29, -4 Points
The "IE8.0 Alpha screenshots" are of IE 2.0 (or maybe 1.0 not sure)... shame on you for putting them up (or believing them for that matter)...
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Re: Uhh I don't think so...
By enforcer on 2006-11-18 20:27:24, 2 Points
Hmmm... maybe that's why it has " in the text? ;)
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Re: Uhh I don't think so...
By GoddersUK on 2007-04-13 12:47:05, 0 Points
The date on the host site is april the first. :p
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IE7 quite better than older versions. But...
By paulo on 2006-11-02 21:59:46, 2 Points
I installed IE7 and was well impressed. Microsoft put a big effort on this one. But I saw no reason to switch from FF 1.5, not to mention the newer version.
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I hope it's better than IE7
By webby on 2006-11-01 19:42:10, 0 Points
I installed IE7 this week and was a bit disappointed.
I'm not a Firefox fanboy but still think FF2 is better than IE7.
Let's hope IE8 puts MS again in the lead.
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1st post!
By on 2006-10-28 19:01:36, 7 Points
Welcome to Internet Explorer 8.Net

Feel free to talk to talk about Microsoft's next browser.
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